Each doctoral research will receive extensive, cohort-based training, across all of our six Research and Training Themes, co-delivered by the host institutions and partners while undertaking a PhD project investigating real-life problems. Each PhD project will employ cutting-edge methods, addressing at least two of our six Research and Training Themes. In parallel, leadership and mentoring training, alongside EDI, mental health and well-being training, will be integrated throughout.


The training journey will start with an Induction, which will set the overall vision of the center and our ethos.  Each researcher will then undertake a placement to build a relationship with their partner supervisors and to understand the real challenges faced, before co-developing the objectives of their research project. Core Training, in the form of week-long courses in the first year will provide all researchers with multidisciplinary skills across all six Research and Training Themes. Attendance at the Flood and Coast conference annually will facilitate ongoing knowledge exchange with practitioners and increase each researcher's exposure to the flood sector. In year 2, there will be a Grand Challenge, our researchers will work in teams on a real-life partner set training exercise run in the flood sector. Through years 2 and 3, our researchers can tailor their training by selecting up to four specific 2-day further skills training courses offered by the FLOOD-CDT, along with more than 500 other courses provided by the host institutes and partners. A second placement opportunity, potentially with a different partner, will broaden their experience and allow them to apply their skills. 

Training Programme schedule